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Step into my world of digital creations. Here, every website tells a story, much more than just a few pages on the internet. Imagine a beautiful quilt, each piece stitched with love, showing what makes each company special. I’ve worked with these businesses to bring their stories to life online.


The Showroom


Fashion and Elegance

Come see a website that’s like walking into a fashion show in Milan. It’s stylish and timeless, just like the clothes you’d find there. Every detail on the screen is carefully chosen to make you feel the beauty of fashion from this famous city.


The Startup


Fresh Ideas and Old Traditions

Next, check out a website for a new company that makes fancy olive oil. It’s fresh and new but also respects old traditions. The website shows what this company is all about—not just selling olive oil, but changing the way we think about it.


My Approach


Connecting Worlds

I believe good design is more than looking good. It’s about making a real connection between the online world and the real one. I make websites that show who the people behind the brands really are, making sure their online home feels just like their real one.


The Experience


Step into Their Stories

I invite you to look through each website and let it take you on a journey. You’ll get to know the stories, the hopes, and the goals that these brands have. With every click, you’ll learn more about what drives these companies. This is where the stories of brands come to life, where digital meets real, all made with care for you to see and feel.


Portfolio 1 - Olive Oil Startup Website Design

Click here - Visit the website to discover the style and desing.

Portfolio 2 - Fashion Show-room and agency Website design

Click Here - Visit the website to discover the style and desing.


Settembre 26, 2023


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